Who ?

This robot is the result of a successful partnership between Quimesis and VoltaNet, a belgian company specialized in the cleaning of large solar panels areas. Its founder identified the market need to replace current human work with brushes by a machine that could operate faster and safer. The result is a combination of field experience and technical expertise that perfectly fits the market needs.

What for ?

QuickSolar is a remote-controlled robot for the cleaning industry.

It fulfills strong requirements in terms of robustness and reliability in harsh environments (warm, wet and slippery). The 60kg robot can be completely installed and operated by only one man, which reduces the operational cost.


Quimesis has been in charge for the complete development of the robot. We designed a modular mechanical frame whose lightweight parts can be assembled directly on the roof of the installations. The robot integrates our in-house controller: the QuimBox, whose software has been extended to support a new type of remote controller.