Quimesis is a team of young dynamic engineers specialized in robotics, smart devices and IoT. Quimesis is formed by highly skilled experts in the three main technological fields of robotics and mechatronics: Mechanics, Electronics and Software.

François Baudart François Baudart

François Baudart

Co-Founder / Electronics

Lionel Convent Lionel Convent

Lionel Convent

Co-Founder / Mechanics

Cédric Eloy Cédric Eloy

Cédric Eloy

CEO, Co-founder / Software

Christophe Everarts Christophe Everarts

Christophe Everarts

Co-founder / Mechanics

Antoine Godefroid Antoine Godefroid

Antoine Godefroid

Electronic Team

Adrien Degaillier Adrien Degaillier

Adrien Degaillier

Software Team

Damien Miliche Damien Miliche

Damien Miliche

Software Team

Guillaume Rion Guillaume Rion

Guillaume Rion

Mechanic Team

Marine Bion Marine Bion

Marine Bion

Quality Control

Pierre Bruynbroeck Pierre Bruynbroeck

Pierre Bruynbroeck

Software Team

Quentin Rasmont Quentin Rasmont

Quentin Rasmont

Software Team