Robot golf ball collector

This autonomous robot relentlessly picks up to 20.000 balls per day on golf practices. Quimesis was involved from the start of the project to help BelRobotics redesign a completely new generation of robots.

Who ?

BelRobotics is a belgian company, part of Yamabiko group. It designs, manufactures and sells automatic lawn mowers now for more than 15 years. Its robots are specially designed to operate on large areas up to 20000m², hence targeting large gardens, sport grounds, grass farms, …

The BallPicker is a separate robot that reuses the best technologies of the mowers in order to pick balls on golf practices. It's a robot golf ball collector combined with an automatic washing and distributing system. The BallPicker relentlessly brings back up to 18000 balls a day to the players.

What for ?

Starting in 2014, BelRobotics decided to redesign a complete generation of robots, to make them smarter, more robust, easier to use, with more evolution options. The company requested Quimesis' support to help them developping these new machines.


Quimesis has been involved in many aspects of the product development for BelRobotics. In particular, our engineers contributed to:

  • the BallPicker mechanical design. A strong focus has been put on the simplicity of the design, the overall robustness, the easiness to clean and the access to all parts, and the manufacturing costs.
  • the hardware platform. Based on BelRobotics specifications, Quimesis designed the boards that manages motors, sensors, power and safety aspects.
  • the embedded software. Quimesis has primarily developed the real-time control loops and navigation algorithms.



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