Datacryptor Blindeagle

The blindeagle external unit is a micro-computer at the cutting edge of technology. It deals with the whole encryption and decryption of your messages but also the destruction of keys. Thus strictly respecting the Vernam theory and ensuring you a perfect security.

Who ?

Blindeagle is an innovative company concerned with our freedom in terms of privacy. Next to the GAFA, and other large corporations, who sell our data, and the governments that are active in espionage to collect data on anyone, the freedom of our privacy is undermined.

What for ?

In order to cope with this, Blindeagle wanted to develop a module to connect to our cell phones, tablets, computers, etc. All our interfaces.
This module fully respects the theory of Vernam, or Mask of Vernam. This algorithm of cryptography guarantees absolute security. Whether for your exchanges in real time, or by email and SMS. No data will be recorded without your knowledge. Nothing will go through a cloud. All thanks to a quantum key.


Quimesis has been involved since the beginning of the design. Both for the miniaturization of the device, as its energy supply as well as the custom development of the electronic system that will host the security algorithm.

The final solution takes the form of a "jack" socket to insert into the device of your choice. The quantum key mentioned above has been implemented on the electronics designed for the device. Each key is generated in a truly quantum way (Photon Counting Based QRNG). Each communication made consumes part of the key generated and then destroys a part of the internal memory. The key is really for single use. The key has up to 2GB of internal space that will guarantee you 2 years of secure communication. This key / module uses the energy of the device to feed itself. There is no battery to replace.



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