Power Monitoring ( iot )

Pact Solutions has been distributing its expertise in festive lighting in Belgium for more than 20 years. With the Power Monitor, cities can optimize lighting management even more during festive periods. Quimesis is present from the start of the project.

Who ?

Pact Solutions has been spreading its expertise in festive illuminations in Belgium for more than 20 years and supports communities, businesses, shopping centers and event agencies throughout the year.

What for ?

Pact Solutions's Power Monitor is a connected socket. It allows cities to optimize lighting management during festive periods.
With its geolocation, its integration into the LoRa network and its current monitoring, the plug will warn the service department if a problem arises with the luminaires.


Quimesis is present from the genesis of the project. The three mechanical, electronic and mechanical shutters are covered internally.
The idea was to design the electronic card, including all the necessary components. In order for the plug to achieve its purpose, the next step was to program the device. The embedded intelligence, the firmware, was developed in-house.
For the socket to communicate, the establishment of a LoRa network was necessary. An antenna has been placed and the plug has been integrated.
Finally, a mechanical engineer designed the case to be strong and weather resistant.



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