Kaspard, the bed fall & exit detector

This device is used to alert the caretaker of the exit from bed, the fall or the abnormally long absence of an elderly person from his room. This is to encourage the autonomy and mobility of the elders without fear of not being helped in time in case of a fall.

Who ?

Kaspard is a young company that deals with falls and wanderings in medical institutions and at home. The company wants to respond to the triple challenge of promoting mobility to prevent early deterioration of health status, reduce the risk of falling and help caregivers who do not have any real-time information on risk situations.

What for ?

Kaspard came up with the idea of developing a solution that provides continuous information to caregivers in case of falling or getting out of bed. The system is based on a small contactless device, easy, discreet and complete that is fixed to the wall in height. This tech mate warns caregivers if the older person gets out of bed, falls to the floor, or is absent abnormally long. This device reassures caregivers, provides objective activity reports to the institutions and creates a safe environment for the elderly person and his / her family when there is movement.


Like any project, it started with a brainstorming, in which Quimesis participated. In addition to this pre-basic phase, Quimesis' expertise in the development of on-board programming, electronics design and mechanical design of the device was also solicited.

The detection algorithms have been developed specifically for Kaspard and are continually improved by our computer engineers.



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