360° panoramas from Nodalview

This nodal arm creates 360° panorama pictures with your smartphone. No need of an expensive professional outfit. Attach the smartphone on the device, start the app and it will rotate step by step to create beautiful panoramic views of the spot. Quimesis developed the system that makes the smartphone rotate automatically.

Who ?

Nodalview is a startup developping a web app to realize 360° panorama  pictures in High Resolution with a smartphone.

What for ?

Nodalview allows you to make quality immersive panoramas anywhere. Whether you want to capture an amazing sunset or the cosiness of your living room. No matter if you're online at home, offline at the top of a mountain or on a boat in a beautiful bay, Nodalview helps you taking high quality panoramas of your surroundings.  

Experience a new way of sharing and showing the world where you are, just with a couple of pictures taken with your smartphone.


Quimesis has been envolved in the development of a incremental motor in order to rotate automatically the smartphone. Before the design of this motor, the user had to rotate the smartphone by hand and had to align it with a graduated ruler. The motor rotates exactly 45° and then wait while the smartphone takes the picture before starting again for the next step.




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