This organized deposit machine can put accurately (~10µm) micro drops (~10µl) of a biological solution.

Who ?

CHEX, or "Chirurgie Expérimentale" (Experimental Surgery), is a UCL research laboratory that aims to study the physiopathological problems related to the practice of visceral surgery and the development of new therapies involving either surgical technical progress or new fundamental knowledge.


What for ?

As part of its research activities, CHEX uses techniques combining sophisticated surgical procedures and biochemistry, physiology, immunology and molecular biology analyzes. In order to carry this out, a new tool was needed. It is a robot capable of depositing micro droplets according to a pattern, a speed, a flow rate and a droplet spacing that can be parameterized.



Quimesis has brought its expertise from the beginning of the project, to arrive at a prototype and then to a final device. The goal was to develop the mechanical aspects of the device, which is the mechanism of movement of the needle, or a syringe pump, along an "x-y" axis with a precision of the order of a micron. In order to control and program the movement of that needle, or pump, the QuimBox and its embedded software were used.



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