Robot controller

The Quimbox is an universal controller for robots. This modular box embeds all the needed electronics to make up a robot. It allows for example to control motors, to read sensors, to display results...

Who ?

Quimesis develops its own robotics solutions for different markets like solar panel cleaning, telepresence, logistics, … All these robots have the same needs in terms of control, connectivity, user interface, actuators. This is why Quimesis decided to develop a versatile box that can be deployed on many types of professional robots: the QuimBox.

What for ?

The QuimBox integrates a main board featuring a powerful i.MX6 processor running the popular Linux and ROS. It provides a complete set of connectivities ranging from RS232 to WiFi and 3G. The box can be customized with up to three extensions boards to control sensors or actuators. This modular design allows to adapt the offer to most robotics applications.


The QuimBox is a full in-house development by Quimesis.

We covered the complete hardware design, from the concept to the product certification. This demonstrates our expertise in power electronics, motor control, high-frequency routing, wireless technologies and safety aspects.

On top of that, we developed an efficient software platform that offers all the needs for a modern robotics system: advanced motor control algorithms, autonomous navigation, reliable in-the-field upgrade system, remote control and monitoring, plug-and-play sensors, fleet management, battery management unit, extended user interface, and more...

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