Robot segway dev platform

The QB-1 is a mobile robot that serves as a demonstration medium for Quimesis. He will be a companion of fairs and events putting into practice some of the skills of our engineering team.

Who ?

Quimesis is a company active in technological innovation related to the fields of robotics, smart devices and the "Internet of Things". This requires the study, mastery and application of new techniques and technologies. This approach takes shape both in terms of projects carried out in collaboration with our client partners as well as through internal projects.


What for ?

QB-1 is one of those projects. In addition to being a mobile device putting into practice the spatial 3D recognition of its environment, in order to be able to move independently, it has for heart & brain another Quimesis own project, the QuimBox.

This small mobile robot on two wheels will serve as promotional support for Quimesis during events and trade shows.



Quimesis has given QB-1 a QuimBox, which is an electronic and computer platform designed entirely for robotic programming. Electronic charts and their embedded intelligence have been designed and developed entirely by our engineers. This brain / heart controls and manages wheel balancing so that the robot can move smoothly. Thanks to its 3D camera, using the SLAM technique, it continuously recognizes its environment, positions itself there, and avoids obstacles. The mechanical elements, engine and frame types, were also designed and manufactured by Quimesis.



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