Quimesis gathers highly skilled experts in the three main technological fields of robotics and mechatronics together. Whether you need an integrated team to develop a complete product or a temporary advice, there is always someone at Quimesis to support you.

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The mechanical team creates systems that perfectly combine simplicity, robustness and aesthetics into one product.

  • Design of personalized assemblies or mechanical devices
  • 3D CAD
  • Finite-element dimensioning
  • Close cooperation with product designers
  • Wide range of production technologies: 3D printing, machining, molding, laser cuting, …
  • Design optimization


We design, make prototypes and manufacture electronic boards in conformity with and specifically optimized for your project. 

  • Board design, including schematics and layout
  • Power electronics (motor control, charging systems, ultra-low power, … )
  • Home automation protocols (WiFi, Zigbee, Thread, 433Mhz, NFC, …)
  • Long range communications UWB, GPS, 3G, LoRa, ...
  • Production follow-up
  • Production tests development
  • Certification (CE, FCC, EMC, R&TTE, …)


Software turns units of hardware into smart devices. We cover the full scale of software needs: from deeply embedded programming to user interfaces and test beds.

  • Embedded software development (C/C++)
  • Linux board support package
  • Control algorithms
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Computer vision
  • Network protocols
  • Automated unit/integration/system tests
  • Dedicated user interfaces