Solarly's Solar Home System brings energy to rural areas of Africa. Quimesis helped to review overall the design and components of the device in order to review the cost price down and industrializing it.

Who ?

Solarly is a Belgian startup that began developping an affordable and connected Solar Home System. That device provides an easy access to electricity for rural households, creating opportunities for economic development and giving self-sufficiency to the people.

What for ?

Quimesis collaborates with the Solarly startup to bring energy to rural areas in Africa. Solarly had a first hand-made prototype of solar station which had shown a few weaknesses on the fields and could not be easily mass-produced. Quimesis goal was to redesign the complete station to be easier to assemble, reduce the BOM cost and ensure reliable operation in though environments.


Quimesis expertise was mainly required in the field of power electronics. The box was designed to work without active cooling in high temperature.
The system is connected through 2G to web management platform and the embedded software manages the correct.



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