Electronic Test Bench

A electronic test bench is a device in itself that allows to control the good manufacturing of an electronic card. When cards are produced in series, this device saves a lot of time and resources.

Who ?

Creating an adapted electronic test bench may possibly involve any project with electronics. It often depends on the volume of production and the complexity of the card(s). Since the projects are technological devices that will be produced in series, and that an electronic card can be an architecture of more than 1,000 components, the chance of rejection is present.
Unfortunately, errors are often detected once the card(s) is(are) installed in the device.


What for ?

To avoid the problem described above, a electronic test bench can be designed.
This test bench will be used to test the electronic cards after their production. This whole system can be installed at the card assembly supplier. This makes it possible to intervene directly on defective units, so that they meet the specifications. In this way, time and resources are saved.



Quimesis can come up with a electronic test bench that consists of a complete electronic system. And when it comes into contact with the card to be tested, the system simulates the functionality of a working device to see if anomalies occur. The total system can be semi-automatic or fully automated.
Each test bench will display a report for each test and, if necessary, point out the points that need to be repaired.

The mechanical design of the device, ie the framework and its mechanisms, are designed by Quimesis. As well as the complementary electronic cards and their embedded system. The programming that our technicians will perform simulates the use cases of the final technological device, but virtually.

All this will certify the good condition of the welding on the card and the proper functioning of the functions.




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