Tree Measuring Device from Timbtrack

This device helps foresters to inventorize, measure and evaluate their forests. Its embedded 3D camera allows to measure the volume of the trees, and much more. Quimesis has been responsible to develop the complete electronics and software needed to turn the initial idea into a viable product.

Who ?

TimbTrack is a belgian startup company whose vision is to simplify forestry management. The founder, Quentin d’Huart, has for long identified the need of landowners to know better their domains. By introducing technology on this usually traditional market, he gives them the ability to monitor, to measure and to evaluate their forests in seconds.

What for ?

The TPM is the measuring device for the new generation of foresters. It integrates the latest technologies (3D camera, range finders, GPS, compass, …) to measure, to register, and to classify quickly and easily a complete forest.

The primary goal of the device is to measure the volume of trees. This is done by measuring the height and the circumference with the TPM. Each data is localized and saved in the device before being uploaded to the management platform, in the cloud.


Quimesis has been involved in the project from its inception to the serial production. We mainly focused on the device custom electronics and the embedded software, while working closely with the shell design team.

The engineers carried out multiple preliminary studies to select the best components and developed a robust algorithm to retrieve the volume of the trees based on the information reported by the embedded sensors.

The solution has been field-tested and improved for many months before launching the industrialization process.



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